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Propane Services

Kohley’s Superior Propane offers tanks of all sizes to fit your needs - domestic and underground tanks, 20 lb and 30 lb tanks and forklift cylinders. We offer affordable pricing and 24/7 emergency service. Kohley’s can also fill your motor home propane tank!

Kohleys fills our tanks full

All residential propane tank installations include the following:

  • Installation using a 4-wheel drive crane truck to help with accurate placement
  • Installation of a buried gas line that will run from your tank to your home - no charge for gas lines up to 25 feet
  • Supply and hook-up of two regulators - one at the tank and the side of your home
  • A complete system safety check - includes Kohley’s checking your appliances, testing and adjusting the regulators, and testing the gas lines for leaks

Propane Products

Remote Monitor
Remote Monitor
Remote monitoring creates a direct link between your tank and Kohley’s.

  • Accurate tank monitoring.
  • Actual readings versus projected.
  • Battery life of 5 to 10 years even with daily reporting.
  • No installation fee.
  • $48 low annual fee. (account must be current)
  • No worries of leaving your house unattended in cold weather.
  • Great for the elderly and those confined indoors.


With Remote Monitoring VS. Without Remote Monitoring

Domestic Tank
Domestic Tank
Domestic propane tanks are primarily used to heat the home. The size of your tank will be based mainly on your heating requirements. We can help you determine the best size tank for your needs.

  • 120-gallon tank – seasonal use/back-up heat
  • 250-gallon tan – usage of less than 300 gallons per year
  • 500-gallon tank – most common tank
  • 1000-gallon tank – recommended for homes that are over 2,000 sq. ft.
Underground Tank (Available for purchase only.)
Customers may also choose to have their propane tank installed underground. Underground tanks are available in the 500- and 1000-gallon sizes. With underground tanks, only the tank dome is visible and you have the option to install a larger tank for future propane needs.
20 lb tank 20 Lb & 30 Lb Propane Tanks
Primarily used for gas grills, propane-fueled appliances or temporary heating. Kohley’s guarantees your tanks will be filled to the full 20 lbs or 30 lbs.
Forklift Cylinder Tank - Steel or Aluminum Forklift Propane Cylinders - Steel or Aluminum
Commonly seen on forklifts and designed for warehouse transportation, these propane cylinders are available in both steel and aluminum at 33.5 lbs or 43.5 lbs.

Delivery and Payment Options

We will work with you and your budget. Please call for pricing details. If you would like to review our Propane Agreement, please click here.

Remote Monitoring: With a remote device placed directly on your propane tank, remote monitoring replaces the estimating system used by most propane providers. What used to be done by handwritten calculations and computers (estimating based on energy usage projections) is now automatically transmitted (actual) directly to Kohley’s. $48 low annual fee. No installation fee. This service is perfect for second homes or those who leave houses unattended in cold weather. You can rest easy knowing your home will stay safe and warm!

Auto Refill: All customers have the option to participate in our automatic refill program. When your tank falls below 30%, our dispatchers will be notified and your delivery will be scheduled in a timely manner. This program requires a credit review, and your account must be kept current to receive automatic refills.

Will Call: With will call, you can order your propane when you need it. You will need to monitor your own supply and place your order when you tank gauge is at 20-25% in order to provide time for delivery. Order must be at least 200-gallons.

Budget Program: If you enroll by June 30th you can lock in your propane price from October 1st through May 31st. By locking in your price, Kohley’s can calculate your estimated payments based on your projected usage and this year’s price allowing you to make 12 monthly payments beginning in June. All budget payments will be due on the 20th of every month beginning in June. Existing customers must have a balance of $200 or less to qualify for Kohley's budget program.


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