Aqua Mag® Blended Phosphate

Aqua Mag

Product Features

  • 1 Gallon $33 + tax
  • Inhibits corrosion of steel distribution system water lines, iron and galvanized piping, and lead and copper plumbing
  • Decreases iron tuberculation to extend the life of the distribution system
  • Inhibits lead and copper leaching resulting in lower lead and copper levels in the delivered potable water
  • Minimizes the occurrence of microbial-influenced corrosion providing longer life system
  • Controls iron and manganese minimizing rusty and dirty water in the system
  • Reduces discoloration, staining, and mineral build-up resulting in fewer customer complaints
  • Diminishes calcium scale deposits typically seen in hot water lines and heaters
  • Saves money by reducing corrosion and scale; lowering chlorine demand and decreasing hydrant flushing, leaks, and failures

Product Description

Aqua Mag® Blended Phosphate is the premier corrosion inhibitor and sequestrant for use in potable and industrial water systems. The product is a liquid concentrate of exceptional purity, clarity, and stability utilizing a broad spectrum of phosphates for better sequestering and corrosion control.

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