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Kohley’s service fleet is responsive to customer needs for water systems or treatment set-up, water system maintenance and water quality checks. This dedicated customer service extends to residential homes or businesses. Below is a list of the basic water services provided by Kohley’s in West Michigan. Please give us a call at 800-686-3224 with any questions you may have. Prices are subject to change.

Service Call Pricing for Water Products

Residential Service Call – $85 + parts
$75 if paid at time of service.

Commercial Service Call – $95 + parts

Filter Change by Driver – $12
Fee applies to an appointment placed on one of our scheduled routes.

Filter Change by Technician – $75
Fee applies to off-route calls and emergencies.

Iron Curtain Rebuild – $800
Fee includes the rebuild of the control head, removal and replacement of fresh minerals, and transportation and installation.

Water Softener Rebedding – $380 – $810
Fee includes the removal and replacement of gravel and resin materials plus transportation and installation.

Iron Filter KO Rebedding – $385 – $485
Lower fee includes rebedding with Kohley’s filter parts. Higher fee includes rebedding with current filter parts.

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