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Do You Know the Difference Between Filtered and Purified Water?

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Filtered water and purified water are terms many of us often use interchangeably. Did you know there is a difference? You can make better decisions about the water for your home or office by understanding the impurities in it and how much of those impurities need to be removed.

Filtered Water Systems

Most filtered water systems treat tap water with activated carbon. These systems will prevent unwanted contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, and arsenic from getting into your drinking water but leave minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Filtered water systems also don’t reduce scaling. The biggest reason people choose an activated carbon filtration system for their home is to remove a chlorine smell and taste from their water.

Purified Water Systems

To be considered purified water, impurities must be removed or reduced to extremely low levels. It has a higher purity level than tap water or filtered water. Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems give you in-home clear, fresh water for worry-free drinking and cooking. These systems use two levels of filtration to reduce substances such as chlorine taste, sediments, nitrates, lead, cysts, and detergents from your family’s or office’s drinking water.

Which water system is best for me?

To find out which option is best for your home, we offer a free in-home water analysis. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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