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Water System Supplies

Kohley’s provides West Michigan with a selection of salts for use in water softener systems and cleaners to remove mineral buildup. Find water softener system supplies at Kohley’s to keep your water softeners running efficiently.

All water products and accessories are available both in-store and through our online store. Prices are subject to change.

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5 Gallon Water Bottle

5-Gallon Water Bottles

Distilled 5-Gallon Water*
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Purified 5-Gallon Water*
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Red Out Dura Cube

Pro’s Pick® Dura-Cube® Red Out® Salt

40 Lb Bag
Contains extra additives for iron removal. 50% recycled packaging.

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Dura Cube

Pro’s Pick® Dura-Cube® Compact Salt

40 Lb Bag
50% recycled packaging.

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Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt Crystals

Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals® Salt Crystals

40 Lb Bag
99% pure salt and recommended for use in all water softeners.

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GreenMelt® Tinted Ice Melter

50 LB Bag

GreenMelt® is green-tinted for easy-to-see coverage and application. The commercial strength blend of fast-acting calcium chloride and extended-action sodium chloride provides an economical one-two punch.

Pro Ban T

Pro Ban T® (Pro Citric Acid®)

1.5 Lbs

Environmentally friendly, Pro Ban T® helps to clean resin beds, maintain balanced pH levels, and restores softening efficiency. Recommended for tannin removal systems.

Rust Out

Pro Rust Out®

1.5 Lbs

Pro Rust Out® helps to remove iron and rust build-up that coats the resin beds. This helps to reduce rust staining on household fixtures and surfaces.

Pro Neutra Sul Bottle

Pro Neutra Sul® Professional Grade Oxidizer

1 Gallon

Formulated to protect against irregular coloring and smells in treated water, Pro Neutra Sul® is a blend of hydrogen peroxide 7% solution. Pro Neutra Sul® will help prevent the formation of colors, tastes, corrosion and scaling by pollution degradation.

Aqua Mag

Aqua Mag® Blended Phosphate

1 Gallon

Most commonly used in water sprinkling systems, Aqua Mag® helps to reduce discoloration, staining and mineral build-up. Aqua Mag® also helps prevent corrosion of steel water lines, iron piping and lead and copper plumbing.

Pro Res-Up

Pro Res Care®

1 Qt 

Especially helpful for water softeners on well water with iron being a major concern, Pro Res Care® chemically cleans fouled resin beds and restores the exchange capacity of the resin.

Pot Perm

Pro Pot Perm® Potassium

4.75 Lbs

Pro Pot Perm® regenerates and oxidizes greens and iron filter media allowing for smooth flowing water.

Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean™

16 oz

The Crystal Clean™ formula works with the salt to clean the resin during your water softener’s regeneration process keeping it rust free.

Pro Neutra 5

Pro Neutra® (Pro Soda Ash®)

7 Lbs

Pro Neutra® helps to eliminate corrosion of piping, pressure tanks, water heaters and fixtures by neutralizing the acid found in some water systems. It also can be used to remove tannins from a tannin-type water softener.

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