Water Coolers

H20 = Productivity

Healthy employees are happy and productive. Encourage water consumption in the workplace and promote healthy alternatives to coffee or soda. Kohley’s offers the Clover® bottled water cooler as the perfect water solution for any office or commercial environment.

Clover® Bottled Water Coolers

Clover Water CoolerClover® Bottled Water Coolers offer the latest technology in providing fresh, healthy water for your home or office. With a cold water reservoir, hot water tank and a high density polyethylene cabinet, your Clover® water cooler is built to be effective and leak free. Kohley’s does not charge for the optional cup dispenser when renting a Clover® bottle water cooler.


  • Leak guard included
  • Stainless steel hot and cold tanks
  • Two-year blanket warranty (five years on compressor)
  • Hot (nearly 185°F ) and cold (35.6°- 53.6°F) thermostat
  • Internal metal frame
  • Air filter
  • Optional cup dispenser with choice of 5 oz. flat or 4 1/4 oz. cone cups
  • One-piece ABS drip tray is easily removed for cleaning
  • Double float valve – Secondary safety mechanism activates in case of primary valve failure

5-Gallon Water Bottles

Water DispenserKohley’s offers 5-gallon water bottles for pick up or delivery. Choose from Distilled or Purified water. At the Muskegon location, a purified water vending machine is available in the lobby for $.25 a gallon. Customers can bring their own container or purchase an empty container for a $7 deposit. Prices are subject to change.

Choose from:

Distilled 5-Gallon Water

Pick Up – $5.50 per bottle
Delivery – $6.75 per bottle

Purified 5-Gallon Water*

Pick Up – $4.50 per bottle
Delivery – $5.75 per bottle

Receive $1 off per bottle when 6 or more 5-gallon water bottles are purchased and delivered to your home/office.

* BPA free bottles available upon request.

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Bottle Buddy®

Bottle BuddyThe Bottle Buddy® is a bottled water storage system that holds up to 3-5 gallon water bottles. Multiple sets can be combined for additional water bottle storage.

Product Features

  • Assembly does not require the use of any tools or hardware
  • Made of all plastic to eliminate chipping, rust, peeling or corrosion
  • 1 kit includes 3 trays, 8 legs, 4 top caps and a floor protection kit
  • Floor protection kit shields flooring from bottled water leaks and can be removed for quick cleaning
  • Floor protection dish available separately for an additional cost.