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Pro Rust Out®

Rust Out

Product Features

  • 1.5 Lbs $15.63 + tax
  • Contains more than five chemicals that are designed to clean and prolong the life of water softeners
  • Chemically removes iron and rust buildup that coats the resin beds and fouls the softener
  • Does not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals that can damage fiberglass, porcelain or acrylic finishes
  • Changes rust and iron into a clear solution that easily rinses away

Product Description

Iron buildup is not totally removed during normal regeneration of a water softener. Pro Rust Out® dissolves the iron in the mineral bed and is rinsed from the softener, much the same as salt brine. Recommended regular use to ensure the softening and recharging efficiency of the water softener’s resin bed.

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